Hand Battery Snack

From: 8BlueTeach, (8BlueTeach@chathamtech.com)
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 11:04:32 PDT

Thank you for the first reply.

I still cannot get this snack to work.

Before I posted in this forum, I had spoken to an electrical engineer who
said that the thickness did not matter but the area did. Based on his
answer, I decided not to place my order for the plates but to use the foil I
alread had at school. It is quite thick - but not rigid enough yet to be
called a plate. I guess the advice was not accurate, and not it's too late
to get any other metals. (My pots don't work either.) My institute starts
tomorrow so I still have a few more hours to try to resolve this problem on
my own. I'm off to Radio Shack now to see if a digital meter might work
under these circumstances. However, I am still anxious for more information
from. Experts?

Adela J. Dziekanowski

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