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Hi Nina -- I'm forwarding this to you for your records, since it was sent to
my aol address, and no copy to you. I've already answered directly to the
person, with a copy to you. -- Don

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> Sorry this is so late in coming -- I hope it's still of use.
> The Stripped Down Motor is so small and delicate that it's hard to
> use it in the way that a motor is normally used -- that is, to run
> So for your experimentation you might try making measurements on its
> electrical input, using a multimeter. This wouldn't involve any physical
> connections to the motor itself -- all meter connections could be made so
> that they wouldn't disturb the running of the motor. You could measure
> voltage and current, and then multiply the voltage (in volts) times the
> current (in amps) to obtain the power (in watts). You could then try using
> different number of coils, or stronger magnets, or anything else you can
> think of to vary, and see whether the power consumption is affected.
> Just an idea, but hope it helps. Good luck!
> Don Rathjen
> Exploratorium Teacher Institute
> donr@exploratorium.edu

Thanks for the reply, it came just in time. I was about to decide to stick
to the battery idea, but my project is due this Friday.I only have one more
question, where can you get a multimeter?

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