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> I'm not sure if there is a scientific determination of what is
> beautiful. And what do you mean by reality? It is said that beauty is
> in the eye of the beholder so you might argue that since looking in a
> mirror is a way to behold yourself, it is a good way to see your own
> beauty.
> Nina Thayer
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> >
> >
> > Hi!
> > I would be very thankful if you tried to answer following question: Does
> > the image in the mirror reflect a more beautiful picture of you than =
> > what you actually look like in reality? I read something about that. Is
> > it true?
> > Bye!
> > Hi!
Thank you for your answer. I meant more specifically that I read that the
mirror reflects a more slimmer face than you would see if you could step out
of yourself and look at yourself just as everbody else sees you. Put
differently, should you trust the mirror to be realistic about your looks? I
am from Sweden so excuse my English. Maybe there is no other answer than the
one you gave me, if so thanks for your contribution to my filosfical mind.

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