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Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 20:23:44 PDT

From: Paul Doherty <>
To: Michael.Kennedy@Benning.Army.Mil
Subject: peripheral Vision Snack

Hi Michael

I am a physicist at the Exploratorium.

The peripheral vision snack cannot be used to measure a person peripheral
vision because it is too easy to cheat.

Opthalmologists use a device which features a red blinking light in the
center and randomly flashes a tiny point of light around a uniform ggray
When the viewer sees the flash he/she presses a button. This maps the field
of view and also traces the ouitline of the blind spot.

Here is a write-up on optical perimetry exams.

Here is an on-line version of this experiment.

Here's another program

I hope this helps

Paul Doherty

Paul "But it is more complicated than that!" Doherty,
Senior Staff Scientist, The Exploratorium.,

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