Re: Hand-Held Heat Engine

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Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 18:28:03 PDT

A search on Google for hand-boiler toy resulted in these
sites and others that offer the hand-boiler toy for sale:

Nina Thayer
Snacktalk Moderator
> In your experiment entitled "Hand-Held Heat Engine" you have shown a =
> device called a "hand boiler" (photo below). When I was growing up my =
> grandfather had one of these, to the great interest of my brother and I. =
> Somewhere along the way it got broken. Over the last thirty years I =
> have never forgotten about it and have always hoped to find one someday. =
> I have never seen it in any of the science-related stores and had =
> assumed that they were no longer being made. It was to my great =
> surprise and joy to see the device featured on your website.
> Your article mentioned Edmund's Scientific as a source for this product, =
> but I have been unable to find it through their website. I have sent an =
> e-mail inquiring further. Are you aware of any other sources?
> Thank you for your help.
> Doug Johnson

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