variation on magnetic suction

From: John Battle (
Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 03:06:55 PST

variation on magnetic suction

using the electromagnet built for magnetic suction snack, take two Radio Shack button magnets and visibly mark the pole faces N and S. With electromagnet off attach button magnets to ends . When energized if the north pole of the button magnet is facing the north pole of the bar magnet, the button magnet will energetically fly away from the electromagnet! This will require a small amount of experimentation to ascertain pole ends of bar electromagnet and identifying poles of button magnets. I painted my magnets with white out and used a sharpie pen to mark the N and S letters. I call this my Electromagnetic Tiddlywink Set. it seems to delight my class of apprentice electricians and these people are full grown adults!

Many thanks for the cool experiments.

                                        John V. Battle

                                       Instructor, K.C.J.A.T.C.


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