FW: Web Content Permissions Request

From: Kurt Feichtmeir (kurtf@exploratorium.edu)
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 09:35:44 PDT

Hello Diana,
Thanks for your message.

The Exploratorium would welcome your link to the resource you have
referenced on our web site. However, Exploratorium policy does not allow
our content to be duplicated, republished, or enclosed within a frame set on
servers other than our own. Please feel free to make as many links to the
educational resources on the Exploratorium site. We share your goal of
inspiring excellence in science teaching.

Best of luck on your project, and thank you for your interest in the
educational work of the Exploratorium.


>> Dear Site Representative,
> I am writing from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, on behalf of the team
> members who are developing a World Wide Web-based Graduate
> Post-certification Teacher Training program in Chemistry. We are developing
> and offering graduate chemistry courses for high school teachers. These
> courses are intended for use in graduate programs and the National Science
> Foundation is currently providing tuition reimbursement.
> You may visit our web site at http://dwb.unl.edu/Teacher/Teacher.html for
> additional information.
> As a part of our online coursework, we are requesting permission to use the
> content from:
> http://www.exploratorium.edu/snacks/tired_weight/index.html
> and have this content available as both a link to your Web site, and to
> duplicate and "republish" this page so that it may reside on our local
> server. We will include on the Web page a clear notice that we are using
> the Web page with your permission and with all rights reserved.
> Are you the holder of the copyright for this Web Page and all its contents?
> Yes:
> No:
> If No, what are the exceptions?
> If you are not the holder of the copyright for this Web page, or all of its
> contents, can you identify the owner(s) and supply an email address or other
> contact information so that I may contact the owner(s)?
> Please indicate your approval of this permission by replying to this email
> with:
> Permission Granted (Yes or No):
> Provisions:
> Your Name:
> Company:
> Address:
> City/State:
> Country:
> Postal Code:
> Phone:
> Fax:
> Email:
> Please type here any exact words you wish to have included on the Web page
> which describe your copyright restrictions in addition to the above.
> No additional text is necessary:
> Or Text:
> My contact information is available below. Your permission to this request
> will confirm that you own (or your company owns) the copyright to all of the
> above-described material.
> Thank you for your time and assistance. Your contribution to our Teacher
> Training program is very much appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Diana Schlesselman
> Web Development and Research
> University of Nebraska-Lincoln
> 123A Henzlik Hall
> Lincoln, NE USA 68588-0355
> dschlesselman1@unl.edu
> Phone: 402.472.2552
> FAX: 402.472.8317

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