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Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 18:33:37 PDT

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> Does this refer to one of the Snacks? Which one?
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>> Hey!,
>> I have interest in this principle and it's application towards the tracking
>> of a stylus on turntables. Some manufacturers are saying that their
>> turntables are utilising the Cardan's suspension principle for tracking of
>> the stylus in the groove of an LP. How does this work in comparison to
>> conventional tracking techniques on record players?
>> thanx in advance from an intrigued applied scientist,
>> Andrew Russon (B APP SCI - MRT - Nuc Med Tech, USyd AU '97)

thanx for your reply,

I have looked at your exploratorium web site again and I have been unable to
locate an individual snack on that subject. I was using Apple's Sherlock
program to search the internet and the exploratorium site came up as a match
for Cardan's Suspension. I think the search I conducted was not specific
enough and referred me to your site as I typed 'Cardan's Suspension'.
Sherlock gave me hits directed to your site based upon the word 'Suspension'
(I think)...

Thanks for your time anyway,

I will continue to look elseware fore the information I require.

Andrew Russon

ps - Great site by the way - good to see that you can show young people how
to do the science - not just the theory behind it!!
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