Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 05:11:40 PDT


I am lactose intolerant and I recently had an episode of severe gas and
diarrhea that I think was caused by lactose in supposedly lactose free
Lactaid Brand Milk.

I performed the glucose test using test strips and it indicated the presence
of glucose. That would seem to indicate that at least some of the lactose
was converted to glucose and galactose.

I am wondering what happens if not enough lactase is added to the milk to
convert all of the lactose?

Do you know of any test to detect lactose in milk?

Do you know if the FDA handles this type of testing?

IF I can't depend 100% on the Lactaid Milk being 100% lactose free, I can't
drink it. Drops and pills are not the answer.

Very truly yours,

Bob Voronovitch

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