Cold Metal Snack

From: Bruce Larson (
Date: Sat Oct 26 2002 - 04:01:01 PDT

Living in Fairbanks -- When you go out to the outhouse at -40 the Styrofoam
seat will be -40 but only for a moment, happily. Kindergardeners are the
only people who get their tongues stuck to the metal playground equipment
around here. First graders know better.
        Older people make other mistakes with the cold though - like putting a
heating pad on a -40 propane tank. The propane may be gas in the bottle
but the gas may recondense in the line. Lighting a stove with liquid
propane coming to you is worse even that tongues on playground equipment.
         Thanks for the site. I am mining ideas for my 7 year old. We built the
square wheeled car with the corrugated toilet paper road tonight.

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