Question about Charge and Caary Snack

From: Anshul Vishwakarma (
Date: Tue Oct 29 2002 - 17:44:58 PST


I saw your Charge and Carry snack. It was very exciting. Keep up the nice work. I would like to know how to make longer sparks. Would it be longer if I use a water bottle instead of a film canister, or if I use a bigger pie pan. I tried using a water bottle, the spark from the pie pan to the bottle was a bit long, but when I tried to discharge the bottle, it didn't create a charge, except a tiny bit. Is it because of more water, and therefore more room for the charge to reside in. And when it resides everywhere, it can't come to the nail fast enough. Is that the case? Please reply back.

Thank you,

Anshul Vishwakarma

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