From: Don B. Cameron (
Date: Sun Nov 03 2002 - 14:45:23 PST

I built the resonator as instructed and had no problems. However the
picture shows the board oriented horizontally. This requires some agility
to steady the board and more space for storage. What I did instead was
drill the holes in the narrow dimension so I could get my hand around the
ends of the board and shake it in front of me. This worked our really
well. With a little practice you can easily find the resonant frequency of
the balls on the 1/4 inch dowel rods. I suggest making it into a game and
have the kids concentrate on one of the balls. Tell them (for fun!) that
they can control which one reaches resonant frequency with their minds.
 Then...either get that ball moving, or instead have another one move and
tell them that there must be some other force besides their minds
controlling the motion of the ball!


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