science fair project

Date: Wed Nov 06 2002 - 12:50:48 PST

I am doing a science project on the relationship between the sense of smell
and taste and how taste is effected by smell. For an experiment I am going to
blindfold people and test them. I will issue them a flavored lollipop to suck
on and at the same time i will hold a different flavored lollipop directle
underneath their nose. I will then ask them to tell me which lollipop they
are tasting. Hopefully if my hypothesis is correct then the flavor of the
lollipop they are tasting will be confused with the flavor of the lollipop
they can smell. If you have any information that pretains to my project I
would appreciate it if you could send me it. I would also like to learn of
other experiments that are similar to the one I am doing.

                     Thank you
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