I would like to contribute to the Exploratorium.

From: ABSTRATICA@aol.com
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 19:56:05 PST

Do you want to see a real magnetic pendulum?

What you have demonstrated to me is the most hoakiest boring way imaginable.

You will learn something new after you see mine.

Let me know what you think needs to be done. If you will allow me to have
mine put on display at the exploratorium.... then I will build it for you if
you provide me the materials. It will hardly cost anything. The one I
currently have is not quite industrial enough to be handled by countless

The only thing I would like is to have my name placed upon the pendulum for I
am the inventor. My patent on it should be issued at any time now. This is
not relevant though. This demonstration of magnetism will surely be placed
in all the new science books for it really has merit. You will see.

Nobody showed me how to do what I have done.... I also have many other
considerable inventions I may be willing to share in time..

Please let me know.


Anthony Cocucci

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