Re: reverse cartesian diver.

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Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 11:57:33 PST

Hello Gill,
You can make a reverse cartesian diver if you use a container in which the
volume goes up when squeezed. You are right, you can use a non-cylindrical
container for this. A dishsoap bottle works well. You have to squeeze
side of the bottle to make the interal volume increase and the front and
back of the bottle to make the internal volume decrease.

Check out
and use a dishsoap bottle to see what happens.

Good luck,

Deb Hunt
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On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Gill Hill wrote:

> hi there.
> i was just wondering if anyone here knew how to make a REVERSE cartesian diver, (i.e., starts at the bottom, when squeezed, goes to the top). i have seen it done on a kids science show, but i dont remember how it was done. the only thing i remember is that you couldn't do it with a cylindrical bottle.
> thanks

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