Polarizing filters

From: Analucia Pita (analucia_p@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 09:44:56 PDT

Hi Exploratorium!!!! I got a look at your website regarding two of your
Snack Experiments: Bone Stress Snack and Moire Patterns Snack . I'm trying
to do a project for the university. I'm currently studying industrial design
in Switzerland at the University of Art and Design Lausanne. For one course
were working on a project called "ephemeral". I remember back in highschool
we used to do interesting experiments with polarizing filters. I would
really like to experiment the Bone Stress Snack at home and use different
clear plastic forms in order to create nice effects. My only problem is
finding polarizing filters in Switzerland. I've looked for them all over and
in order to do this projects I would need polarizing filters or plates
larger than the lens from a pair of sunglasses. Do you have polarizing
filters comercially available and moire patterns aswell? Is it possible to
order them from Internet or by shipping and handling? If it is necessary to
buy them in the U.S.A that's no problem!!!! My sister is currently working
in Chicago, so she could buy them and send them by FEDEX or UPS. If not, do
you know any other companies or website links that offer these filters and
moire patterns?

I really appreciate your help and as soon as you know please let me know!!!!
I've already lost a lot of time searching for these filters and I'm a little
in a hurry with the deadline!!!!!

Thank you!!
Ana Lucia Pita

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