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Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 10:46:55 PDT

Dear Ana Lucia,
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On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Analucia Pita wrote:

> Hi Exploratorium!!!! I got a look at your website regarding two of your
> Snack Experiments: Bone Stress Snack and Moire Patterns Snack . I'm trying
> to do a project for the university. I'm currently studying industrial design
> in Switzerland at the University of Art and Design Lausanne. For one course
> were working on a project called "ephemeral". I remember back in highschool
> we used to do interesting experiments with polarizing filters. I would
> really like to experiment the Bone Stress Snack at home and use different
> clear plastic forms in order to create nice effects. My only problem is
> finding polarizing filters in Switzerland. I've looked for them all over and
> in order to do this projects I would need polarizing filters or plates
> larger than the lens from a pair of sunglasses. Do you have polarizing
> filters comercially available and moire patterns aswell? Is it possible to
> order them from Internet or by shipping and handling? If it is necessary to
> buy them in the U.S.A that's no problem!!!! My sister is currently working
> in Chicago, so she could buy them and send them by FEDEX or UPS. If not, do
> you know any other companies or website links that offer these filters and
> moire patterns?
> I really appreciate your help and as soon as you know please let me know!!!!
> I've already lost a lot of time searching for these filters and I'm a little
> in a hurry with the deadline!!!!!
> Thank you!!
> Ana Lucia Pita
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