Solution to the mystery of lactase drops?

From: Lucy Oppenheim (
Date: Thu Aug 28 2003 - 10:29:14 PDT

Hi. On this page I see this text:

    Lactase drops (ex. Dairy Ease brand) referred to as "mystery drops"
(available in most grocery or drugstores; cover
 the labels with paper or colored tape to hide the identity of this
"mystery drops" from the students.

If you know of a store in the Baltimore-DC area that carries these
drops, please tell me about it. I have tried Giant, Safeway, Rite Aid,
and the health food stores in Annapolis, where I live. I have not found
these drops. The two pharmacists who looked them up in their systems
could not find them. A dietitician spoke with someone from one
manufacturer, who said that they had stopped selling the drops. My
hypothesis is that the companies have found it more profitable to sell
lactose-free and lactose-reduced milk than to sell these drops.

Thanks for your help,


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