From: Roamer (
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 13:12:16 PDT

Hello there!

This is a new snack that would fall into the electricity/magnetism category.

I've already built one, and it's REALLY COOL!

It's an electromagnetic pulse motor. It has all the torque characteristics
of an internal combustion engine.

PLUS, it RECLAIMS it's own CEMF and dumps it back into a storage battery.

The pic is the front of my, as yet, PRIVATE snack. heh.

Here's the page where I found the design. I figured that if a 10yr old girl
could build the basic model, I should be able to also, right?

My model is from the diagram on the bottom of that page.

It sounded so screwy that I just HAD to try building it.

It seems to work.

This would be an AWESOME, two level snack for your site.

Even if it doesn't do everything they say, it still looks impressive when
someone walks in and looks up at my display shelf. heh.

But, if it DOES end up doing what they say...........



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