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Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 15:48:04 PDT

Hi, Deb/snacktalk folks --- please feel free to forward this to the writer.

Companies actually now make the lactase in pill form, rather than liquid
drops which must be refrigerated after opening. Pills are easy for people
to consume if they're having, for example, an ice cream or are at dinner
somplace, rather than treating their products (of which only liquid milk
can be treated with the drops).

The pills cannot be used for the activity, because they are designed to
work at the pH of the stomach (less than 2) If you acidified the milk in
this activity, it would curdle.

Lactase drops can be obtained thru many biological supply houses, and also
over the web through some Canadian companies, for example, at:



>Any ideas about this?
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>Subject: Solution to the mystery of lactase drops?
>Hi. On this page
> I see this text:
> Lactase drops (ex. Dairy Ease brand) referred to as "mystery drops"
>(available in most grocery or drugstores; cover
> the labels with paper or colored tape to hide the identity of this
>"mystery drops" from the students.
>If you know of a store in the Baltimore-DC area that carries these
>drops, please tell me about it. I have tried Giant, Safeway, Rite Aid,
>and the health food stores in Annapolis, where I live. I have not found
>these drops. The two pharmacists who looked them up in their systems
>could not find them. A dietitician spoke with someone from one
>manufacturer, who said that they had stopped selling the drops. My
>hypothesis is that the companies have found it more profitable to sell
>lactose-free and lactose-reduced milk than to sell these drops.
>Thanks for your help,

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