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Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 13:49:44 PDT

This comment or question is for someone from the Exploratorium:
My students must do a science project that contains all the elements of your
basic experiment from design and hypothesis to experiment, data collection and
display (graphs) to conclusions and results. The rubric that determines
their grade does not include the complexity of the project. Having been a long
time fan of the Exploratorium and having used the Snacks as
presentation/demonstration projects in my physics classes, I suggested that the students use the
Snacks as a springboard of ideas for their project. For instance, I
suggested that they read about the colored shadows (a perennial favorite) and then
vary something in the demo and report about the changes that brought about.
Like, they might use a fluourescent light for a light source instead of an
incandescent light source. There are also other light sources (lamps) that they
might use. Could some of the brain trust at Exploratorium suggest other snacks
that might lend itself to an extension into a simple experiment????? My
students (9th grade) are looking for ideas.
Thank you.
R. Clements

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