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From: Jillian Barger (angelbabe9878@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Dec 28 2003 - 18:38:44 PST

Hi, my name is Jillian Barger, I am in the 7th grade at St. Andrew School. For my Science Fair I am doing " Does the sense of smell affect your sense of taste?"
I would like to interview you. Heres my procedure...


1. Have a person close their eyes and plug their nose.

2.Give them a cherry lifesaver.

3. Wait for the candy to dissolve in mouth.

4. Ask them what flavor it was. (donít tell them if they were right or wrong.)

5. Then let them drink water. (use plastic cup)

6. Now tell the person to close their eyes again.

7. Give them the life saver and tell them to smell it (donít need nose plugs)

8. After they smell it tell the person to put it in their mouth.

9. Wait for it to dissolve.

10. Ask the person which lifesaver tastes better the first or second one.

     11. Then record the data.

Here are the questions.

1. What is your profession?
2. How did you become interested in your profession?
3. After hearing about my expirement, do you have any suggestions for me? If yes, what are they? If no, why not?

4. What advice can you give me about completing my project?
5. What information do you think is essential for me to know for my project?
6. What do u think the resalt will end up being for my project? And why?
7. How long have you been working in your line of work?
8. Do you foresee any problems with my epirement? Why or why not?
Thank you for your time,
Jillian Barger


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