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From: amg@amgrace.com
Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 15:06:14 PST

Why does this work this way?

I put a piece of tape on a table and another on top of it, sticky side to
smooth side. I rip both pieces off the table and then rip them apart. The
top piece is definitely negative and the bottom is definitely positive. Why
is the bottom positive?

When we put one piece of tape and rip it off the table we know it is
negative because it has ripped electrons off the table. In the case of the
tape sandwich, when you rip the top piece off the bottom it makes sense
that it is negative since it is ripping off electrons. BUT why is the
bottom positive instead of neutral?

Why should we assume that some of the electrons from the bottom tape are
removed along with excess electrons picked up from table?

Any enlightenment will be welcome as soon as possible. Thanks!

Anne Marie Grace & Susan English
International Studies Academy
San Francisco

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