problems with the cool hot rod experiment

From: Allan Kapilivsky (
Date: Tue Feb 10 2004 - 20:51:52 PST

Dear Sirs:
I am trying to do this experiment but the needle does not move enough to be noticeable.
Does the space between the wood and the copper rod have to be as loose as possible or as tight?
I have connected the funnel to a rubber tube, which connects to a copper rod that is thin as straight but not quite.
I secured the copper tube to a small wood by two rubber bands.
When I pour hot water, there is minimal movement. Is that all I can expect? How can I increase the rotation of the needle? I did stick a small plastic stick through the eye. Should it be as heavy or as light as possible?
I am trying to help my first grade child do his science project. I appreciate your help

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