re: curie point demo.

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Date: Thu Feb 26 2004 - 08:58:12 PST

Dear Frederick,
In the "To do and Notice" part of the Snack, it reads:
If the wire does not heat up enough to glow red, move the clip leads
closer together.

Did you try this?

Deb Hunt
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On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, Frederick Wallace wrote:

> Hi,
> I found this on your site and tried building it. I placed a small Nd
> magnet on a string and I ran it for 15 minutes and although it got hot,
> the magnet never let go. Do I have to use a ceramic magnet or a special
> magnet? I thought the Curie point made the wire non-magnetic so any
> magnet would work. I tried placing the magnet on the 'red hot' section
> and it still attracted. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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