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Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 10:15:35 PDT

I found your site about testing peripheral vision and I have a suggestion for you.

There is an area of peripheral vision just past the periphery of conscious vision that operates subliminally to detect movement and create a peripheral vision reflex.

Please consider adding a snack to demonstrate an additional feature of physiology. I have previously seen a demonstration of the "wiggle finger experiment" but most people are unaware that the brain will habituate the stimulus so that within seconds the moving finger disappears from conscious notice. (Demonstration page at VisionAndPsychosis.Net)

I have a site about a conflict of physiology that has shaped history but went undetected until the late 1950's. VisionAndPsychosis.Net is a psychology project on the Internet.

The conflict is that while you can learn to ignore peripheral vision reflexes that break your concentration, because sight is not sensory adaptable, you cannot stop subliminally seeing movement in Subliminal Peripheral Vision nor can you stop your brain from attempting to force a reflex when that movement is acquired, detected.

Engineers designing the first compact close-spaced office workstations were surprised when workers in the first test models of those workstations began to have bizarre or psychotic episodes. The problem was repeating subliminal peripheral vision reflexes and the solution by the 1960's was the office Cubicle. Blocking the side vision of those workers stopped the brain from detecting motion thus stopped the repeating reflexes.

This is important for your site because in today's world the behavior from the business office is now present in the home in the form of computer workstations.

I am attempting to put this information in the hands of every student in the US.

 Some computer workstations may need Cubicle Level Protection if the workstation is located in a room with detectable, repeating, movement. (Read ...Prevention... at the bottom of most site pages.)

L K Tucker

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