question about translation into Dutch language

From: Maarten Pieters (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 06:31:21 PST

Dear Snktlk (= Deb Hunt?)

The snacks on your site raise the enthusiasm of many Dutch science
teachers, who like to send their students to your site. However, at the
age up to 13/14, the English language is still a threshold for Dutch
students. I am asked by some teachers if the website for physics
education support,, for which I am project leader,
would be able to provide them with Dutch translations of your snacks.

This question consists of a translation question (answer is yes, snacks
can be translated by volunteer teachers), a hosting question (answer is
yes, snacks can be hosted) and a copyright question. For the latter, I
have to ask you, the people of Exploratorium snacks, on what conditions
their work could be translated and presented at

I hope to hear from you how I can reach you for discussing this question.
Thank you in advance.

With best regards,
Maarten Pieters

p.s. For your information: is financed by the
collected physics faculties in The Netherlands. It is a public provision
without any commercial aim. Its present content is protected by a
similar rule as your content: no commercial use is allowed, use for
education purposes is permitted, as long as the source is mentioned.
The target group has been upper secondary level so far, but we will
gradually broaden the group to younger students.

Maarten Pieters
project manager
AMSTEL Institute
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Kruislaan 404
NL 1098 SM Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 525 7991

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