Stripped Down Motor Need Help please!!

From: Jessica T (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2005 - 09:59:51 PST

Hi, I will be presenting the Stripped Down Motor for a school Science Project and i cant seem to get it to work. The project is due in two days and i really need your help please.
I used magnets from the one on the refrigerator with a diameter of 1.5 cm. Is that apropriate?? Is it strong enough?
The wires that i used had an orange coat of plastic on it. When i strip the plastic inside is a sliver wire. When i use sandpaper to scrub it , It becomes a copper like color. So i assumed that it might be copper. When i tired to test it by sticking it to a magnet it has no effect. Is that normal?? And for batteries i used a 1.5 volt D battery. Why doesnt it work? Instead of using a styrofoam cup, i used a plastic cup. I have made a battery holder for the batteries as told in the instructions. Might that be the problem? Ive searched Three different Radio Shack stores and thaty said that they do not sell ceramis magnets. Where is another place where i can get some ???
Thank you for your attention..

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