The Science of Art
Summer 2008

Anna Rochester and Julie Yu


incredible shrinking shapes
how big is small
Suminagashi - by Jessica Henricks
Colorful Lather Printing from JCE

Sebastian's light traces
sample parabola light trace
class photos on Sebastian's Flickr page
light painting from the PIE institute

paper making by Ellen Koivisto
brief history of paper
cellulose chemistry
paper card boxes
chip bag purses from Karen Drachler

motor effect
stripped down motor
simple spinner
indicating electrolysis

anamorph graph
mylar story tube
our Varini-inspired work on Sebastian's Flickr page

alternative photography link
cyanotype processes

image transfer procedure
Polaroid image transfer info

Ionic Bond Lab by Woody Smith
Factors of 36 spiral by Tricia Davis
Pixel Painting by Patrick Healy - unzip to use!
Wii in the classroom by Nadine Dabby

Bob Miller
Chris Bell
Olafur Eliasson
Felice Varini
MC Escher
one sheet of paper from the Hirshorn Modern Art Gallery

TI website
Julie's website
Sebastian's website
PIE website
Bree Barnett's jam-packed website

A Curious Alliance - Exploratorium publication
Article: The Future of Art by Jonah Lehrer
Article: At the Exploratorium-Teaching Art and Science by Ann Chamberlain

Anna Rochester
Julie Yu
Eric Muller
Sebastian Martin
David Barker
Jamylle Carter
Sandra Robins
Modesto Tamez