Better Living Through Chemistry
Summer 2007

Eric Muller, Julie Yu, Don Rathjen, Jill Johnsen


Atmosphere and Composition
tape model of the atmosphere
rice model of the atmosphere
Fast Rusting
separation anxiety

Food - physical states and reactions
Five-Layer Density Column
Sodium Acetate Hand Warmers
Boyle-ing water
Cake by Conduction
Glowing Pickle
Having a gas with cola
Light soda
Stability of Egg White Foams
exploring chirality
rotating light
Don's food science bibliography

Electrostatic attraction of water
bending water radio interview
conductivity tester
indicating electrolysis
electrolysis device
aluminum-air battery

Surface Tension
Suminagashi - by Jessica Henricks
drops on a penny
water over a wire mesh
Floating Paperclip and other Surface Tension Experiments

Household Products
Tape electroscope
Spectrometer CD
chemical change
physical change
Illuminations on Rates of Reactions

Tired weight

Burning peanut
gel electrophoresis
column chromatography

Mole Day Activities
Mole Day Celebration Ideas
A Mole of Gas
Toasting a mole
what is a mole

polymer demos
elephant toothpaste
Mg and Dry ice
Tom Lehrer - the element song

Periodic Pegboard
Hands-on periodic table
Rutherford Roller

Eric's website
Julie's website
Don's website
Jill's website
TI website
Cientec Science in Costa Rica

Carissa's amazing hydrolysis animation
You need Quicktime movie player to view this. If you don't have it, you can get it here

Erainya's sugar cookie chemical taste test