Explorations to Accompany Exhibit Set 3

by Paul Doherty


After Image

After Image Snack

After Image Exploration, Explore the afterimages created by a minimaglite.

Benhams disk

Benham's Disk Snack

The exact reason why alternating flashes of black and white when surrounded by a white rim produce a sensation of color is not understood.

Bird in a Cage

Bird in a Cage Snack

Circles of Magnetism

Circles of Magnetism Snack

Color Blindness test

Color Blindness Cards

Color Contrast

Color Reversal

DC Motor Generator

Delayed Speech

Eddy Currents

Eddy Currents Snack

Floating in Copper

Generator Effect

Giant Electroscope

Tape Electroscope Exploration, Use Scotch Magic Tape to find the sign of an electric charge.

Electrophorus Exploration, Create sparks you can see, hear, and feel by using Styrofoam, wool and pie pans.

Green Lips

Hand Battery

Hand Battery Snack

Salt water Pentacel, a snack in the "Square Wheels" book.

Hearing Range


Macula Exhibit Exploration

Pedal Generator

Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision Snack

Pitch Switch

Rainbow Edges

Repeating Words

Selective Hearing

Short Circuit

Short Circuit Snack

Slow Blue

Speech Dissector

Stereo Sound

Strange Attractor

Strange Attractor Snack

Tone Memory


Zero to Sixty

Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty

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5 May 2003