TEXnet Exhibits

Animation Workstation

Balancing Ball

Balancing Ball Snack.

Bouncing Ball

Bouncing Ball Snack and Math Root

The mathematics of the bouncing ball is available in the draft book Math Roots by Tom Humphrey. (Hey Joe someday I'd like to get some help putting these Math Roots on-line for our partner museums.)

Drawing Table

Drawing Table Snack

Fluttering Bridge

Clothes pin harmonica exploration, scroll down to the end and learn to build this clothes pin harmonics. Inside the clothespin a rubber band vibrates when you blow across it, just like the rubber band in the Fluttering Bridge exhibit. Many people know how to stretch a blade of grass between their thumbs then blow through the gap between teir thumbs to create a sound from the fluttering grass.

Wind blowing across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge excited it into oscillations which destroyed the bridge.

Pendulum Snake

Pendulum Snake Exploration

Single Pendulum Math Root, An online guide to discovering the mathematics of a pendulum.

Rope Squirter

Square Wheels

Square Wheels Snack

The third activity on the pages available at tis link is the square wheels activity.

(We recently discovered that it is fun to be able to tip the square wheels track up at one end so that the square wheels cart rolls smoothly down the track under gravity power.

Strobe Flower

Computer Stroboscope Exploration

Turbulent Orb

Turbulent Orb Exploration

The Turbulent Orb Snack apears in the Exploratorium Science Snackbook, but is not on-line.




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