by Paul Doherty

Paul's thoughts

Thoughts on forces, Some simple notes on: Mass, electric charge color charge and flavor.

Accelerator in your home, How a common household appliance uses a particle accelerator.

Teacher Institute Explorations

Silent Collisions, Get your hands on some magnets and experiment with a force that can be attractive or repulsive.

Magnets 3 vs 1, the gravitational or electrical force between two particles depends on the product of their mass or charge. Feel how this works using magnets.

Mobius Collider, Make your own collider and use it to collide Mobius strips. See what particles come out of the collision.

Mobius Decay, Cut up a Mobius strip and analyze the decay products.

Particle Annihilation, Use a flash unit to illustrate what happens when matter and antimatter meet.

Exploratorium Exhibits, and their snacks.

Glow Discharge, Watch electrons excite molecules in a 15,000 volt electron accelerator in a glass tube.

Quiet Lightning, How an exhibit at the Exploratorium shows self-focussing of charged particle beams.

Particle Accelerator, Put a coin in a balloon and accelerate it to high velocity.

Origins Hubble

MR diagram graph everything in the universe on one diagram.

Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty

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13 November 2000