Look through a giant lens at a distant white trashcan, the real image is upside-down.

Explore how a lens makes an image.

Links to Zeke's material

Build the simplest LED point source.

Build an image locator using PVC tubes.

Finding imagesusing sticks or tubes.

Finding images using PVC tubes or straws

See how images are formed at the Light Island Exhibit.

Explore images at the "Anti Gravity" mirror exhibit, a large plane mirror.

Explore images at the Giant concave mirror.

Additional explorations.

Finding Images made by lenses, use soda straws or PVC viewers to find the locations of images made by a lens.

Fresnel Lens and Laser, use a laser to trace light through a fresnel lens.

Scan a Laser, Use a laser pointer to trace the light reflected off a mirror.

Scan a Laser Lens, use a laser pointer to trace the path of light through a lens.

Giant Lens, find the location of an image made by a giant lens.

Real or Virtual images at the giant lens, look through a lens at a distant object, the image can change from right-side-up to upside-down when you change your position.

Finding images by ray tracing, How to do ray tracing to locate an image.

Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty

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