Michael Brown | Onsights


“San Francisco’s Mission District is known for its many colorful murals, and, recently, thousands of blue lights lit up the side of a nondescript four-story building. Bluerain became an unexpected landmark in a central corridor of the neighborhood. Angela Kilduff brought back this report...”

(North Gate Radio)


“If Elton John is pinball’s wizard, Michael Brown is its queen. A gay 36-year-old artist from San Francisco, Brown is the creator of Go Girl!, a pinball machine with a homosexual theme. The winner of the custom game competition at the Pinball Fantasy ‘97 convention in Las Vegas last weekend, Brown has given pinball a face lift with his use of wigs, makeup and campy commentary…”

(LA Times, 1997)

“..the winner in the custom game category at the mid-July Pinball Fantasy '97 convention in Las Vegas was "Go Girl!", the drag-themed creation of openly gay San Franciscan Michael Brown. The player stands in a pair of red metal stiletto-heeled shoes. To a disco beat, the ball is launched past a "Ken" doll wearing makeup and a pink feather boa”

(This Way Out, 1997)


“ Visitors to Question, which opened July 14 at the Pigott Family Gallery at the Cantor Center for Visual Arts, will find nearly every museum-exhibition convention one can think of turned on its head; beginning with the giant upside-down question mark built to resemble a packing crate outside the entrance. A passage leading into the gallery, painted white and studded with pencils on strings so that visitors can scribble on the walls, serves further notice that rules are about to be broken...”

(Stanford News Service, 2004)


“…or page through a giant flipbook-style display of the ''Visible Humans,'' two corpses (one male, one female) that were frozen, milled from the feet up removing a paper-thin section at a time, photographed and reassembled as stacks of digital images that look disturbingly like human-shaped slices of headcheese.”

(New York Times, Aug 6, 2000)