Exploring Hands-on Middle School Science
Exploratorium Teacher Institute
Summer 2011

Lori Lambertson, Julie Yu, and Thomas Humphrey

llambertson [at] exploratorium.edu, jyu [at] exploratorium.edu, and thumphrey [at] exploratorium.edu
TI phone: (415) 561-0313


Week One
Saturday: orientation, tour, Iron Science Teacher
Monday: using exhibits, measurement
Tuesday: the eye, shop build
Wednesday: light and color
Thursday: size and scale, surface area and volume
Friday: beyond the human scale, Iron Science Teacher, Outdoor Exploratorium

Week Two
Monday: July 4 holiday
Tuesday: graphs
Wednesday: RAFT field trip
Thursday: carbon
Friday: lesson sharing and Iron Science Teacher


Note: These are draft activities and should not be distributed.

intro activities
Living a Fruitful Life by Frank Oppenheimer
tagxedo analysis of Frank's speech
gray step
bird in a cage
sound cups
make your own shrinky dinks

measurement without tools from Katie Ward
handy measuring tool

the eye
eye movements
tunnel of light
eye anatomy
expanding and shrinking afterimages
pinhole viewer
blind spot
measure your blind spot
seeing your retina
cow eye dissection
cow eye dissection website

light and color
colored shadows
color algebra
three circles of pigment
light and color applets
pirate patch

size and scale
size and scale: on being the right size
a question of size: packet of activities
gel diffusion
turkey doubling from Thomas Humphrey
terminal velocity

big numbers/small numbers
millet by the million
metric measurements
powers of 10 and scaling
visualizing nanometers
carbon configurations
tiny tubes

Math Root: graphing the behavior of the differential
Math Root: inverse square law
walking functions
graph preparation
stacking cups
knots in a string
slope of stairs
water density
plot the dot: a graphical approach to density

Resource Area for Teachers field trip
RAFT website
RAFT field trip info
Eric's personal pinhole theater activity
Paul's magnetism activities

modeling the carbon cycle
respiration and photosynthesis
spinach leaf disk assay
fermentation lab
calculate your carbon footprint

odds and ends
notes on suminagashi
avalanche and explanation


physical science
ticker tape timer
conductivity tester
indicating electrolysis

life science
cell microlab
soap film painting
what's the size of what you see? website
what's the size of what you see? worksheet
Katie's microscope lab
dynamic cell microscopy
flower and seed dissection
gel electrophoresis

earth science and astronomy
squeeze box
graphing earthquakes
atmosphere layers and scale
atmosphere composition
earth and moon
moon phases
pocket solar system
hole punch earth

shared activities by class members
Chris' blog about the institute
Hakan recommends David Bolinsky animates a cell and the inner life of the cell video

TI website
Lori's website
Julie's website
Katie's website