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These explorations were developed for teachers who have participated in the Exploratorium Summer Institute.

Try them you'll like them.

I add new activities every week! 

 Check out the Frictionless airpuck.

The Summer Institute Colection of Activities

I have taught the Teacher Institute's Summer Institute for High School Physics Teachers for 15 summers,
here is a sample of what we do.

Attend a Summer Institute

For High School Physics Teachers

Do it on the web!

These are drafts of my lessons!


Teachers explore shadows

Teachers get their hands on shadows.

The Exploratorium Science Snackbook

The original collection of science activities is available on line.

The Exploratorium Science Snackbook Online

Edited by Don Rathjen and Paul Doherty

The original collection of teacher-created science exhibits is now available on-line!


Webcasts: The Exploratorium produces programs on the web.

Iron Science Teacher

A webcast competition for science teachers. A secret ingredient is unveiled, then six teachers each create a science activity. They present a 5 minute science lesson using this ingredient.

The audience selects the Iron Science Teacher!

There will be 6 more Iron Science Teacher programs webcast summer 2000.

At 12:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

Line of contestants for Iron Science Teacher

Live on the Faultline 1999

#1 Blasting Agent

#2 GPS half-spiders prowl the fault

#3 THE Richter Scale

#4 Offset Streams

#5 Be here when it happens

#6 The End, and another beginning.

faultline crew, Paul and blasting agents truck
A Live webcast of filling a well with blasting agent.

Eclipse Diary

Turkey 1999

#1 27 July 99 The Dance of the Sun and the Moon

#2 8 August 99 Memories of Eclipses Past

#3 10 August Explainers of Amasya

#4 11 August Meteorological and Electrical Disaster?

#5 11 August Totality

#6 11 August Afterword

full moon rise over Yosemite

Images Share some of my views of science in the world.

Images of science



and much more.

two sets of waves add together © 1999


The Exploratorium Magazine

My most recent article is:

Electronic Astronomy.

My most recent activity is

Paper Airplanes

electronic astronomy image of Mauna Kea telescopes

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Together with Pat Murphy I write a Quarterly Column.

News Flash, our last column will appear in Otober 2000.

We'd like to thank our editor Gordon Van Gelder for giving us the opportunity to write this column for 3 years!

Our latest article is about:

Mirrors and Right-Left reversal

Here's an exploration:

Mirror Exploration.


Klutz Press

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Glove Compartment Science

The Exploratorium

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I am a senior staff scientist at the Exploratorium. Which I think is the greatest hands-on science museum in the world!

the exploratorium

Take a Ride on a Relativistic Spaceship

The view of the sky from a spacecraft traveling at 92% of the speed of light. v = 0.92c.

Click on the image to see the views at different speeds.

image of the stars from a relativistic spacecraft



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