Hands-On Astronomy: The Linda and Paul Show

Day 1: Scale Of Things

Earth-Moon to Scale
Playdough Moon
Handy Measuring Tool


Constructing Scale Models Of The Solar System
Universe To Size Scale
City Universe size
Universe To Time Scale
City Universe
Mass versus radius for things in the Universe
MR Diagram

Day 2: Earth, Moon, and Sun

Motion Of The Earth &endash; Reflections of a Star
Spin a Koosh
Phases Of The Moon &endash; Moon-on-a-Stick
Misconceptions About The Moon
Moon Illusion


Sidereal Time Activity Description
Earth Rotation
The Tides &endash; “Tide-o-Matic”
Eclipses (Solar and Lunar); Stories From The Web

Day 3: The Planets

Cause Of The Seasons &endash; Thermal Postcard
Orbit Of The Earth
Rectified Globe


Orbits Of The Planets
Gravity well
Gravity assist
Cratering Of The Planets
crater illusion
Boiling of Water on Mars

Day 4: Ancient Astronomy

Sundials &endash; Analemmic, etc…
Astrology, The Zodiacal Constellations and Precession
Precession Calendar Demonstration


Interpreting Mayan Glyphs or Quipu Calendar
Examples Of Ancient Instruments, The Backstaff, etc &endash;

Day 5: How Astronomers Interpret Light

Blackbody Radiation Exhibit
The Spectrum, Spectroscopy, and Spectroscopes
Photometry &endash; oil spot photometer and luminosity of the sun
Solar Brightness
Repeat with thermal postcards
Solar thermal
Emission and Absorption
Fraunhoffer lines of the Sun
Hubble How do you know that?
Seeing (Twinkling)

Day 6: The Stars

Pie Pan Convection: Modeling the Surface of a Star
The Rest Of The Spectrum: Building an IR detector/emitter, seeing IR, seeing UV
Seeing IR


Life Cycles of the Stars
Interpreting the HR Diagram

Day 7: Cosmology

Dark Matter Activities (graph the planets; Internet research project)
Balloon Universe
Universal Balloon
Center of the Universe (Transparencies)
Curved Space
Evidence For Big Bang
Rubberband Universe &endash; stretching of light
Expansion of Light
Expanding Universe Lecture

Day 8: Misc. Topics

Design An Alien
About Telescopes &endash; lenses and mirrors, resolving power, form and function
The Hubble &endash; Image Interpretation Day
Hubble What do you see?

Energy Levels of a Stool
Negative Temperatures

Scientific Explorations with Linda Shore and Paul Doherty

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12 July 2001