Exporting Exploratorium Exhibits to Schools and Beyond

The Exploratorium Teacher Institute brings informal science exploration to families, teachers and museums.

This information sheet is available on-line at: http://www.exo.net/~pauld/lectures/aapt2003.html

The Exploratorium's website which includes thousands of pages of science activities is: http://www.exploratorium.edu

The Exploratorium Teacher Institute provides workshops to middle and high school science and mathematics teachers. More information can be found at http://www.exploratorium.edu/ti.

Linda Shore is the director of the Teacher Institute and co-author of the Science Explorer series of books from the Exploratorium.
A series that features science activities for families:

The activities Linda presented can be found at:
Secret Bells:
Ear Guitar:

Don Rathjen is the co-author of the Exploratorium Science Snackbook and its sequel Square Wheels.
The Exploratorium Science Snackbook is available on-line.
Square Wheels is available at the Exploratorium Store, some activities are on-line at:

Don will pass out copies of the activity, Soap Film in a Can from the book Square Wheels.
This can also be found on-line at:

Paul Doherty is the co-director of the Teacher Institute and co-author of the Exploratorium Science Snackbook and its sequel Square Wheels.

Paul Doherty's website which includes hundreds of scientific explorations is at: http://www.exo.net/~pauld

The activities demonstrated by Paul can be found at:
Gravity Well:
Bohr Atom:
Particle Accelerator:

The Teacher Institute has recently published two books providing inquiry-based informal science and mathematics explorations to new audiences:

The Mathematics Explorer by Lori Lambertson and Pat Murphy which contains middle school mathematics activities for after school programs. http://www.exploratorium.edu/math_explorer/

Mathematics and Science Across Cultures by Maurice Bazin and Modesto Tamez featuring activities drawn from many cultures. http://www.exploratoriumstore.com/matandsciena.html