A workshop presented on March 19 2005,

by Paul Doherty

Here are links to my classic wave activities:

Dance of the Sound Wave, dance out a sound wave step by step

Slow waves on a Phonecord, measure the speed of pulses on a stretched phonecord.

Harmonic Phonecord, resonances of a phonecord.

Phonecord Harmonics, Explore the frequencies of the harmonics of an oscillating phonecord.

Slinky in hand, explore the different types of waves on a slinky.

Hanging Slinky, study standing waves on a long slinky hung by strings from a heavy cord.

Vertical Slinky, Model resonances of a tube open at one end and closed at the other.

Reflections on an open end, How does sound bounce off the open end of a tube.


Frequency, the relationship between frequency and period.

Frequencies of the Harmonics, harmonics have frequencies which are integer multiples of the fundamental.

Speed of a wave, measure the speed of a pulse on a phonecord.

Speed of a wave vs. tension and density, calculate the speed of a wave in a phone cord based on its tension and density.

Waterwaves, Measuring the period, and wavelength of an ocean wave to get its speed.


Ringing Aluminum Rod, Explore the resonances of an aluminum rod. Use your fingers.

Domino Model of a Nerve, a line of falling dominos models the discharge of a nerve.

Expansion of light, when light travels through an expanding universe its wavelength is stretched.


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15 March 2005