Water and Weather

Ice is a mineral. Liquid water is molten ice.

A Teacher Institute Workshop presented on November 8, 2003 by Paul Doherty

We'll begin with two hands-on Explorations.

Boyling Water, Water can be made to boil at 0°C by reducing the pressure on the water inside a syringe.

Cloud in a Bottle, a Snack from the original Exploratorium Science Snackbook, now available free on-line.

Coriolis Fountain, When water squirts out from a rotating fountain it is pushed to the side by a coriolis force in the rotating reference fame.

Coriolis Model, Investigate corilis forces using a rotating transparency.


There are several free weather resources available on the Exploratorium website.

Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get.

Exploratorium weather station. The Exploratorium has a weather station on its roof. The data is available on-line in real time.

Exploratorium Climate Explorer. The Exploratorium has created a web page where you can explore real-time and historical data dealing with the earth's climate. http://www.exploratorium.edu/climate

Exploratorium Educator Digital Assets, A collection of several thousand images, videos, and other media available for use by educators. Try a keyword search using "cloud." http://sagan.exploratorium.edu/Cumulus5/ed
(Note the word Cumulus begins with a capital C)

There is a video titled "The Water Cycle" showing the water cycle in action.

Water Cycle Video by Andre Zdravic and Paul Doherty Images of the water cycle in action.

An introduction to solids liquids and gasses, how to do tests to determine the difference between a solid, a liquid and a gas. http://www.exo.net/~pauld/physics/solidliquidgas.html

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