Summer Geology Institute 2003 (First Draft)

with Paul Doherty and Eric Muller and special guest Cheri Morrow

We'll explore the earth using activities displaying phenomena of geology, hydrology, and meteorology .

Here is a day-by-day plan: This plan is our first draft.

Day 1: Intro Welcome,

EM Describe rock in words. Try to find mate

EM Timelines, history of timelines and personal timeline

Day 2: Earth in General Density, Seismicity

PD Radioactive dating with blocks and coins

Paul's notes on the Age of the Universe,Galaxy,Solar System and earth.

EM Earth walk

EM Wedges of Earth

CM Kinesthetic astronomy

Optional topics

Density of planets

How do we know what's inside the earth.

EM salt oil lava lamp differentiation.

EM layer by colors

PD Balls of oil in isopropanol

PD Shape of planets

PD Spin a koosh

Day 3

Day 4 Canoes and Sloughs

Tides, how are tides made?

Water Waves, measure them?

Day 5 Presentations

Day 6 Outer Core/ magnetism

Where's North?, hang magnets and they all hang in the same orientation.

Magnetic Poles, likes repel and unlikes attract, so why does the north pole of a magnet point north?

Magnetic Globe, explore the magnetic field of the earth.

Magnetic field of planets, images of planetary magnetic fields.

Magnetic Tape, use pieces of magnetic tape to model continental drift

Day 7 Mantle convection/film festival

Water Cycle Video, watch the video by Andre Zdravic and make a script for it.

Day 8 Lithosphere/Earthquakes

pasta quake

Foam Volcano

Chocolate Volcano

Chocolate Pillow Lava

Day 9 Hydropsphere/Atmosphere

Boyle-ing water, boil water in a syringe by reducing pressure to Martian values.

Magnetic Atmosphere Model, stack magnets on a pencil to model the density of the atmosphere.

Turbulent Orb Exploration

Day 10 Presentations




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23 May 2003