Geology of Earth and Planets

With Paul Doherty, John Lahr, and Modesto Tamez

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The present is the key to the past.
James Hutton 1785

All you need to know about geology

The Rocks on the summit of Mt. Everest are Marine Limestone.
John McPhee

A draft plan of what we might do.

Day 1 Introductions of participants: Planets, orbits, rotations, web resources. How Planets Form:

Hydrogen is an odorless, colorless gas that after 13 billion years produces people. Carl Sagan

Day 2 Planetary Magnetism, radioactive dating

Atomic Theory: "All ordinary matter is made of atoms, small indivisible particles which attract each other when a little ways apart and repel each other when close." Richard Feynman

Day 3 Gravity, tides, cratering, icy bodies, atmosphere, hydrosphere,cryosphere

In the outer solar system think of liquid water as molten ice. Phil Karlton

Day 4 Seismology, earth's interior,

Day 5 Teachers present lessons.

Day 6 Planetary Atmospheres, Volcanos MT

Day 7 Mapping part 1

Day 8 Mapping p2 MT


Day 9 Subway to Subduction SF, Marin, triangulation.

Day 10 Teachers present lessons.

Web Resources, a compilation of information on the web about planetary geology.

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16 July 2002